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Council Minutes Nov 9/11

November 9, 2011

Council Meeting
November 9th, 2011

Present were Mayor Stevens and Councillors Barich, Crack and Hope. Councillor Scott was absent with notice.

11-93 Moved by C. Barich Seconded by L. Crack
Resolved to approve the minutes of the October 12th, 2011 meeting as presented.

11-94 Moved by R. Hope Seconded by L. Crack
Resolved to authorize payment of Voucher #11-10 in the amount of $57,994.06.

The Project Summary was reviewed. Three items were closed: the marina roof has been re-shingled, bird guards have been installed on both the marina and Waterfront Centre and snow fencing has been installed around the water reservoir to keep ATVs and snowmobiles off the structure.

The Clerk’s Report was reviewed. Progress continues on several projects such as the audit, streetlights and the landfill. As well the long term financing has been arranged for the construction of the municipal office and the purchase of the marina property. The loan is with the Northern Credit Union and is for a term of ten years. It is more appropriate that these costs be financed through a long term loan that through the line of credit and use of cash. Two of the loans that are currently held will be paid off at the end of this year as they have been re-paid as per the agreements.

There was considerable discussion on the streetlight project. It was thought that there should be one to light up The Waterfront Centre parking lot and one that would provide light to the all-season surface. An additional one for Sixth St. has been on the list for quite a while. The corner of Birch and Sixth was considered. Each member of Council will drive around and look at the lights and provide feedback to the Clerk. The engineer will provide information on which lights are best suited for the various areas. Once the location and type(s) of lights are finalized the tender documents for installation will be developed. All this work must first be approved by Algoma Power as the lights are on their poles.

Correspondence was received from the Township of Jocelyn with information on the blood services issue at Mathews Memorial Hospital. A task force has been struck to study the situation. Both Mayor Stevens who sits on the Task Force and Councillor Crack who is a member of the Matthews Memorial Hospital Board provided additional information. There will be further information for the next meeting of Council.

A copy of a letter to Roy Lapish of the East Algoma Road Superintendents Association from Transfield Services was received. There was an explanation of the arrangements for the provision of winter sand. The sand ordered was based on the estimates from MTO and the municipalities. If more is needed it will be ordered and the users charged according to the price paid for it.

The agreement for the electronic and electrical equipemnt bin to be placed at the landfill was considered. Material such as desktop computers; portable computers; computer peripherals; printing, copying and multifunctional devices; telephones and telephone answering machines; cellular devices and pagers; image, audio and video devices; and, home audio and video devices will be accepted. There are some exclusions but the most common items will be accepted. It is a part of our agreement with Ontario Electronic Stewardship that no items be removed from the bin including parts of the items in the bin. The bin will only be accessible during dump hours. This service will greatly reduce the amount of this type of material going into the landfill. Although the service is offered in the Sault, not everyone is able and/or willing to take the equipment there for disposal. This should be available by the beginning of 2012 if not before.

11-95 Moved by C. Barich Seconded by L. Crack
Resolved to adopt By-law #1034 being a by-law to enter into an agreement with Ontario Electronic Stewardship for the operation of an approved Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment depot.

Councillor Scott is experiencing some health problems. Council considered a resolution for a leave of absence from her municipal duties.

11-96 Moved by R. Hope Seconded by C. Barich
Resolved to grant Councillor Karen Scott a leave of absence for the period necessary for medical reasons.

There have been requests by ratepayers for the ability to pay tax bills either through on-line banking or through their financial institution. While this is not without administrative challenges it is a convenience to ratepayers who wish to use these services. Agreements have to be made with the banks once their terms are known. Not all banks have the same fee schedule so each potential agreement will have to be reviewed in detail. Council decided to proceed. It will take a while to get everything in place. Notification will be made through the minutes and ratepayer newsletters.

11-97 Moved by C. Barich Seconded by L. Crack
Resolved to accept tax and sewer and water payments by electronic fund transfers and through transfers at financial institutions which have reasonable fees for this service.

The need for some guidelines for the installation of geo-thermal heating units was discussed. More information will b obtained.

Mayor Stevens had met with Lyn Garside, Hilton Township Road Superintendent regarding the work to be done at the landfill. He had a recommendation on the placement of the recycling bins to least impact snow plowing.

Council had to go into closed meeting to discuss the purchase of a piece of equipment.

11-98 Moved by R. Hope Seconded by L. Crack
Resolved to go into closed meeting.

11-99 Moved by L. Crack Seconded by R. Hope
Resolved to return to open meeting.

11-100 Moved by C. Barich Seconded by R. Hope
Resolved to adopt By-law #1035 being a by-law to confirm the proceedings of the Council meeting held November 9th, 2011 and confirm the taking of any action authorized therein and thereby.

11-101 Moved by R. Hope Seconded by C. Barich
Resolved to adjourn to meet again December 13th, 2011 or at the call of the Mayor.


• To those who helped the Recreation Committee with the Craft Show. Robert Hope, Ryan Maki, Lloyd Shell, Bill White, Morgan Garside and Kaitlynn Clement.

• To those who attended the Giant Christmas Craft Sale. The following organizations benefited from the event: the Hilton Beach Recreation Committee, the Hilton Union Public Library and at the Island Children’s Library.

• To Cam Scott for providing information and contacts for rigging and hoisting. This information will be provided to the Marina Manager and the boaters in charge of the launch and haulout and operations.


The next community potluck will be on Saturday November 26 and this one will be chili. We have had a wide variety of chili in the past – beef, vegetation, chicken, white bean, etc. Some are spicy hot and others not – the hot ones will be marked.

As before the participants get to vote for their favourite chili. Small tasting cups will be available so you can try them all.

Note that the event starts at 5 p.m. Apologies for the incorrect time in the last minutes.

Everyone is welcome. Bring a pot of chili, salad or dessert and there is no charge to get in. If you prefer, come and pay $5 for your supper.

Seniors please mark your calendars for the annual luncheon on Dec. 5th.